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NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV?

Can you have the NFL Sunday Ticket without getting DirecTV? Surprisingly the answer is “Yes”!

For a second year DirecTV is partnering with Sony’s PlayStation Network. If you already get DirecTV then you can watch Sunday Ticket via your PS3 and if you cannot get DirecTV for whatever reason then you are allowed to purchase a subscription for the NFL Sunday Ticket for $300 per season.

In theory NFL Sunday Ticket was supposed to be available for non-DirecTV PlayStation Network users who cannot get DirecTV because of line of sight, landlord won’t allow dishes to be attached and other legitimate reasons. But in reality according to Peter Kafka of All Things Digital pretty much anyone who clicks that they can’t receive DirecTV (and who can pay the $300) will get the service.

This makes sense if you stop to think about it. Sony likes the arrangement because it helps sell more PS3 consoles. DirecTV likes the arrangement because the extra revenue through the PlayStation Network will help defray the $700 million per year they pay to the NFL. Logistically does it make sense for DirecTV to send someone out to your home to check if your trees interfere with line of sight?

My guess is that many people who learn of this option may decide to go with DISH instead of DirecTV and use the savings to buy the kids a PS3 console (as long as the kids understand that daddy will be using the PS3 on Sundays during the Fall and Winter).

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