Dish Network Satellite TVt

Dish Network Adult Programming

DISH currently offers 10 channels:

  • Playboy TV (ch. 497)
  • SPICE:XCESS (ch. 492)
  • REAL (ch. 494)
  • Penthouse TV (ch. 495)
  • XTSY (496)
  • fresh! (ch. 493)
  • shorteez (ch. 487)
  • ClubJenna (ch. 491)
  • Adult Showcase (ch. 485 & 486).

Adult Showcase

With Adult Showcase, you get to watch ClubJenna, SPICE:XCESS, shorteez, Penthouse TV, REAL, XTSY, and fresh for up to 3 whole hours. All 7 channels for only $17.99! Channels 485 and 486. Select the channel with the most viewing time available!


Every night is VIP night when you're with Jenna Jameson and the gorgeous women of ClubJenna. ClubJenna features the biggest and most beautiful stars in adult entertainment. ClubJenna puts sensuality and beauty into cutting edge productions. Weekly premieres, live events, award winning titles, style, and the hottest stars guarantee that once you visit ClubJenna, you'll never want to leave. This is a XX service. Channel 491. $10.99/90 minutes or $24.99/month.


SPICE:XCESS features the sexiest exotic women and boasts the most intriguing content, giving you what you want. More choices more flavor and a little bit of the strange make SPICE:XCESS the perfect blend of classic themes and edgy new series. Must see Internet oddities, caught–on–tape themed content, fetish lifestyle, ethnic and alternative programming are all part of the seduction you'll experience here. This is a XXX service. Channel 492. $11.99/90 minutes or $29.99/month


XTSY is hot! A 24–hour, uncensored adult channel delivering the wildest situations the adult world has to offer. XTSY showcases movies chosen to entertain and tantalize your senses. This is a XXX service. Channel 496. $11.99/90 minutes or $29.99/month


No scripts! No set ups! No pretending! Real takes reality to a whole new level. Viewers experience real people in real scenarios. Real showcases movies and episodic series that target the booming viewer base of mainstream reality television. Raw and uncut, Real's brand new content is never duplicated and never seen on any other network. Feel what's real on Real. This is a XX service. Channel 494. $10.99/90 minutes or $24.99/month

Penthouse TV

Penthouse TV is the alternative adult entertainment network. Penthouse TV provides you with the best value by giving you the most variety in stars, movies and studios. This is a XX service. Channel 495. $10.99/90 minutes or $24.99/month


Shorteez features themed clips with hosted countdowns, porn star blocks, casting calls, Internet and reality style content and anime. Three similarly themed blocks are packed together in one fast paced and exciting 90-minute block! This is a XX service. Channel 487. $10.99/90 minutes or $24.99/month

Playboy TV

Playboy TV offers a broad variety of erotic programming for every taste. This is an X service. Channel 497. $8.99/4 hour programming or $15.99/month


If you're looking for new talent and amateur content then fresh is the adult channel for you! Fresh focuses on new girls and fresh themes. With the newest performers in the business, amateur, groundbreaking series, reality programming, casting calls, themed auditions and more. This is a XX.5 service. Channel 493. $11.99/90 minutes or $29.99/month

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