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Dish Network General Topics

Dish Network General Topics

DISH Network is an all-digital satellite television service provider. DISH Network offers the highest quality programming and technology at the best value. Along with award winning programming, customers have access to the most HD channels and international packages.

DISH Network service is available throughout the United States including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Areas outside the continental United States may require a larger dish to receive an adequate signal.

Dish Network Programming FAQ

FAQ for Dish Network Programming

The receiver lease fee for the first activated receiver on your account is included in your programming package price when you subscribe to qualified programming. An additional receiver lease fee of $5.00 per month for a standard definition receiver (Solo, Duo, Solo DVR, and DuoDVR), or $7.00 per month for a high definition receiver (HD Solo, HD Duo, HD Solo DVR, or HD DuoDVR) will be charged to your account for each receiver activated beyond the first.

The specific steps depend on the brand and model of your receiver. Consult your owner's manual for details.

Yes, only DISH Network offers you the advanced technology of two TVs powered with one receiver! With other providers you must pay for two receivers in order to receive service on two TVs. But with a DISH Network dual-tuner Duo receiver connected to a phone line or high speed internet connection, you get service on two TVs for the price of one receiver – complete with all the same features on both TVs.

DISH Network provides the best quality in sports programming. However, DISH Network programming is subject to league blackout rules and broadcast guidelines.

Check DISH Network’s electronic program guide to find out what is on at what time.

DISH Network offers access to more than 350 channels of TV programming. Access popular family networks such as Lifetime, Disney Channel, Food Network, USA Network, History Channel and Discovery Channel. DISH Network also offers hit movies, On Demand, commercial free music channels and much more.

Yes, DISH Network delivers! Choose from over 170 international channels in 28 different languages – Russian, Portuguese and Korean just to name a few.

Yes, DISH Network has 5 different packages for customers interested in Spanish programming. Please refer to programming packages for more details.

DISH Network offers a la carte channels so you may customize your TV viewing experience. Refer to the programming section for details.

Yes, DISH Network offers over 115 commercial-free music channels including 60 Sirius music channels.

DISH Network offers local channels in over 155 cities and 95% of TV households.

Yes, DISH Network has a feature called Adult Guard. This feature locks out adult programming/movies. When activated, Adult Guard will prevent children from viewing the programming or accessing the program information. This added benefit gives parents peace of mind.

DISH Network offers over 350 channels of programming entertainment. As a parent you may want to limit the channels that your children watch. You may enjoy the movies on HBO but feel it is not suitable for young children.

DISH Network has the solution. You can restrict your receiver from showing programs that contains certain ratings (PG 13, R, NC-17, etc.) as well as certain expanded ratings (violence, nudity, etc) or even certain channels (HBO, Showtime etc). Once the locks feature is activated the system will require a 4-digit PIN number in order to access any program that contains the ratings you have locked out. Refer to your User’s Guide for more information.

Dish Network High Definition FAQ

FAQ for Dish Network High Definition Topics

HDTV (High Definition TV) is television characterized by enhanced production and reception of broadcasts. High Definition boasts a picture quality up to 10 times better than standard definition and is known for its razor-sharp clarity and lifelike imagery. HDTV features increased lines of resolution and an improved aspect ratio of 16:9 as opposed to the 4:3 ratio of conventional screens.

Yes! Expect theater-like sound with High Definition TV characterized by a clarity and unmatched richness of sound! Not all HD broadcasts have 5.1 Dolby Digital yet, but the majority do, and you'll hear the difference immediately through surround sound technology (left, center, right, left and right surround and a subwoofer creating a booming bass). You'll need a home-theater audio system to take full advantage of it. Compare to standard definition shows which have 4-channel Dolby surround sound (left, center, right and one rear "surround" channel), but usually have only 2-channel stereo.

(Dolby, Dolby Digital and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.)

DISH Network offers several different HD receivers with different options to give you the very best in HD programming.

Dish Installation and Equipment

FAQ for Dish Network Installation and Equipment

DISH moves with you! Just call 1.888.557.9569 with your new address. Pack up your DISH Network receiver(s) and remote(s). We’ll install a dish antenna and your receiver(s) at your new home for FREE.

You can either purchase a self-installation kit or hire a professional installer.

The satellite dish is small and either round or oval. It is about 20 inches wide by 18 inches tall. Please note: A larger dish may be required for certain areas of the country or for international programming.

The DISH Network installer will bring the correct equipment with him to your scheduled installation appointment. Installations can occur as quickly as 24 – 48 hours after you place your order.

No. A modem inside your receiver makes a toll-free call to the DISH computer system in the middle of the night. The modem's call only lasts a few seconds and if you are using the phone, it will try again later.

Keeping your DISH receiver connected to a phone line is the best way to get the most out of your DISH Network satellite receiver. It allows you to take advantage of such features as Caller ID, Pay Per View ordering with your remote control, and access to DISH Home Channel 100, which lets you play interactive games, change your programming package and much more.

If the existing wiring in your house is RG-6 coax cable, you can use it to connect your DISH Network receiver to your satellite dish. If your existing wiring is not RG-6 coax cable, you will need to have the installer run new wiring. Because of the frequency of the digital signals it must carry, it is important that you use RG-6 coax cable.

The good news is, the vast majority of cable TV wiring is RG-6. So if your house or apartment is wired for cable, you can be very confident DISH Network can use your existing wiring.

A standard professional installation includes the following:
· Site survey (at time of installation)
· Assembly of dishes and mount(s)
· Grounding of system components
· System peaking for optimum performance
· Installation of up to 120' RG-6 cable
· One wall cable penetration
· Testing of equipment for proper operation
· Programming and equipment orientation

DISH Network will assign a certified professional installer to come to your house and set up your system for you. Depending on your area of the country, installation can occur as fast as 24 – 48 hours after you place your order!

Standard professional installation is included with your system, and it is a proven fact that DISH Network customers who use professional installers typically have fewer technical problems with their system later on - so it’s worth going this route.

During your professional installation, expert installers will optimally place your dish, minimizing lost signals during inclement weather. DISH Network reception is highly reliable year-round and nationwide. DISH Network service is only minimally affected by extreme weather conditions, but it always returns quickly and clearly. On average, DISH customers only lose signal for 15 minutes a year total - compared to cable outages which can last hours or even days at a time.

Yes! All you need is a clear view of the southern sky, a private patio or balcony for the dish and prior approval from the manager of your home, apartment, condominium or townhouse. It’s a good idea to review your lease/rental agreement to confirm permission is not required prior to schedulingyour installation.

In order to get the best satellite signal it is strongly recommended that you install your satellite dish outside.

Dish Network Billing FAQ

FAQ for Dish Network Billing

DISH Network offers a free service called debit check/credit card AutoPay, where your monthly charge is deducted from your debit check/credit card on the payment due date. To activate this service, please visit DISH Network’s Customer Support Center online or tune to channel 100 on your receiver. As this process will take one full cycle to take effect, please be sure to pay the current balance when you sign up to prevent a late fee from being charged. You will continue receiving a bill unless you choose to discontinue receiving a paper statement by signing up for Paperless Billing. Your current and previous statements are available to view online by logging onto My Account on

Yes, you can make a check by phone payment online by logging into My Account on DISH Network. You may also call 888.686.2388 to reach the automated phone system. You will need to have your checking account number, routing number and check number ready. DISH Network charges a $9.99 fee for any transactions completed over the phone. The payment will post to your account within 24 hours, and will be withdrawn from your account within 3 business days.

Make secure online payments fast by logging into My Account on DISH Network – or go through the customer service application on dish home Interactive TV channel 100. You also have the option of calling our Automated Phone System at 1.888.686.2388 and follow the voice prompts. DISH Network will charge $5.00 for each debit check/credit card payment made over the phone through a customer service representative.

Yes, DISH Network accepts payments from the following vendors:
Money Gram Express Pay – Call 1.800.926.9400 (Receive Code – 1899)
In Person Payments (IPP) – Call 1.888.477.7297
Green Dot MoneyPak – Call 1.800.GREEN.DOT
PreCash – Call 1.877.271.4073
Western Union Quick Collect – Call 1.800.325.6000 (code city: DISH Network, code state:CO)
CheckFreePay – Go to
America’s Cash Express (ACE) – Call 1.800.991.9164 (Option 1)

DISH Network Myths

FAQ of Dish Network Myths

Reality: DISH Network delivers a digital signal 99.9% of the time, rain or shine.

Reality: DISH Network provides 100% digital quality on all channels all the time.

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