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Dish Network HD equipment

Dish Network HD Receivers are award winning and industry leading. They feature 1080i/1080p capable resolution, for the sharpest picture possible. Dolby Digital audio for theater-quality sound. On-Screen programming, that lets you build a list of your favorite channels for quick and easy surfing. Parental Controls & Locks, to allow you to block programming unsuitable for children. Numerous outputs so you can connect to your stereo system or home theater system.

In addition to these features they are also built to record up to 350-hours of your favorite programming. Pause and replay live television, record a program while watching another, or record two programs while watching a recorded program.

Dish offers 6-versions of HD Receivers, with three models equipped for multi-room viewing.

Dish Remote Access

Control your DVR anytime, anywhere

Browse program listing and record to your DVR from anywhere! With your DVR connected to your homes broadband, you can access and manage your DVR from any Internet connection. Use your computer or iPhone to schedule recordings and remotely mange your DVR as if you were directly in front of your TV!

Remote Access feature is compatible with any of the Dish Remote Access compatible VIP series HD-DVRs: VIP 612, VIP 622, VIP 722, and VIP 722k

Dish Network Dual-Tuner Duo Receiver

Two TVs powered by one receiver! This technology is unique to DISH Network. With any other provider, to receive service on two TVs you must pay for two receivers. But with a DISH Network dual-tuner Duo receiver connected to a phone line or high speed Internet connection, you can get service on two TVs for the price of just one receiver - with all of same features on both TVs.

  • Start watching a recorded show in the living room and then finish watching it in the bedroom, without missing a second of your show (DVR models only)
  • You can record different shows in each room at the same time - and still be able to watch your recorded shows (DVR models only).
  • Plus, you get all the same features in the living room and bedroom - all from just one award-winning DISH Network receiver.
  • You can also watch two shows on one TV at the same time with Picture-In-Picture

Picture in a Picture with DISH equipment

The following receivers support PIP:

  • DuoDVR ViP 922
  • DuoDVR ViP 722
  • DuoDVR ViP 722k
  • DuoDVR ViP 622
  • DuoDVR 625
  • DuoDVR 522
  • Duo ViP 222
  • Duo ViP 222k

What is the benefit of HDTV over regular satellite TV?

Greater picture detail with higher resolutions, truer color, clearer reception, a theater-like widescreen picture and multi-channel Dolby Digital surround sound.

What is DVI and how is it better?

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is a digital video connection between HD receivers and supported HDTV’s. This type of connection provides a high-quality image and no quality loss due to the fact that all signals are purely digital. DVI does not include audio.

Off-air HDTV programming?

A DISH Network HD receiver and an off-air antenna are needed to receive digital off-air signals if available.

Benefits of the Award Winning ViP722k DuoHD-DVR

  • Power Two Independent TVs with Only One DISH Dual-Tuner DVR!
  • Record a different show live from each TV at the same time and also watch a recorded show on each, OR, start watching a recorded show in the living room and finish watching it in the bedroom, without missing a second of your show!
  • See Two Shows at the Same Time on One TV!
  • Watch your favorite team play and at the same time, catch the evening news with Picture-In-Picture (PIP), or split the screen in half to see two shows side-by-side!
  • Record Up to Four Live Shows at the Same Time While Watching Recorded Shows on Two TVs!
  • Record up to four live shows! Two shows via satellite, two using Over-The-Air Module:
  • Connect a Second Tuner to an Unlimited Number of TVs and the Same Live or Recorded Programming Can Be Viewed in Every Room of the House!
  • You may have a TV in the office and the kitchen and the bathroom, but you don’t need a receiver for each to continue watching your programming!
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